Nothing makes you feel better than making music. It’s all you want to do with your life. Cut through all of that business stuff so that you can do what you do best – make music. Rocket Launch Your Music Career!

Rocket Launch is a full-service artist-development and mentoring program established and directed by Joel Henry Stein, the founder and CEO of Green Zebra Music, a music licensing and production company in LA.  More about me (Joel) at the bottom of this page.

First and foremost, I help you write stellar songs and make sizzlin’ hot recordings. Once you have these in place, I help you develop the rest of your project. Your career requires digital distribution of your recording, a website, online presence, social media, CD replication, professional photos, videos, and graphic design. Not to mention gigs!

These pursuits take time. A LOT of time. If you are seriously prepared to make your music a career, investing in your brand is of the utmost importance. By serving as a one-stop shop for many of the elements essential to your music career, Rocket Launch SAVES YOU TIME, and we all know that time = money.

I help you finesse your songwriting and develop your own sound through coaching and producing. I also work with you to strategize the fastest and most sustainable pathway to a long-term career making YOUR music.

Finally, I assist you in putting together a great demo, single, EP, or full-length album, digitally distribute your music to online retailers like Amazon and iTunes, get a great headshot and logo, and create a professional music video that establishes you not only as a musician but as a brand.

 Joel Henry Stein Joel Henry Stein Joel Henry Stein Joel Henry Stein

I’m Joel Henry Stein, the CEO and founder of Green Zebra Music, a sync licensing and music production house in LA that represents over 50 artists, a catalog of over 1500 songs, and places and creates music for film, TV, games, and advertising. I’m also a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and music educator who has been making music professionally for 25 years.

I signed my first management deal when I was 21, and my first record deal when I was 22.  I’ve released five solo albums of my folk-rock material, toured extensively, and had my songs played on radio nationwide. I’ve taught musicianship, music theory, and music technology at UCLA, and also served on the faculties of the Colburn School and the American Festival for the Arts. I’ve composed scores for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, and my songs have been featured on the TV shows “Future Car” and “Sun Devil Rewind.”

I have tons of studio experience, having self-produced or co-produced all of my albums as well as scores for film and TV.  I’ve also produced recordings for several singer-songwriters, pop, and hip-hop artists in New York and LA.