Production & Recording

When collaborating with experienced songwriters and producers, budding artists often find their ideas ignored. I, however, go out of my way to listen closely to what your sonic “vision” is for your song or project so that you are continually comfortable during the songwriting and recording process, and so you are happy with the end result.

When you record by yourself, it’s easy to lose perspective. Left on your own, you might obsess for days over inconsequential details, or conversely, you might miss musical mistakes like the fact that your harmony is slightly out of tune, for instance.

This is where a producer comes in.

I catch your errors, saving you precious time and money that can be spent on other areas of your project. I also offer creative ideas that you might not come up with on your own.

No matter at what level you are in your career, it’s important to work with a producer who has more experience than you. This is how you learn, how you grow, and how you move to your next level as an artist. My goal is simply to take you to the level of “Professional!”

You can bring me your song at whatever stage it’s in, and I will help you see it to completion. I’ll help you polish it up and make it ready for radio, film, and TV.

I listen to you, and I respond. I help capture your distinctive sound and make you sound professional. I handle all the technical aspects that go into recording in the studio, including finding the best backup musicians for your project, so that you can simply focus on your performance and not be distracted by anything else. I get your project finished, and make it sound polished._DSC4547

I respect and honor what you bring to the table. Therefore, I don’t impose my “sound” on you. Instead, I focus on the qualities that make you unique and interesting, and work to draw those qualities out of you in the studio. I don’t manipulate you or try to turn you into someone that you’re not. I understand that this is YOUR project, so you have the final say when it comes to ALL aspects of your project.

It’s essential that your project look and sound as complete and professional as possible.  Otherwise, A&R reps, labels, managers, music supervisors, and most people in the industry are unable to envision your song or recording if it’s still unfinished.

I give you a variety of options.  I can help you record an acoustic or fully-produced single, compile a professional 5-track EP, or produce a full-length album to let your musical personality shine at its brightest.

I provide you with professional-quality recordings that will be taken seriously by music supervisors, radio DJs, managers, booking agents, bloggers, and other people in the industry.

After I produce, record, mix, and master your recording, my team works with you to design artwork for your recording and also make it available for sale on all the major online retail sites, including iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.